reserve your standard & attendee exclusive collectibles
Thanks for signing up for the CONQuest Quintella Collectible! If you're attending CONQuest, please show this confirmation screen to the AcadArena booth on floor 1F to receive your CONQuest Passport.
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about the collectible

Designed by our AcadArena studios team, the Quintella CONQuest Collectible is a free, limited edition NFT (non-fungible token) minted on an eco-friendly chain called Polygon.

If you're reserving a collectible after July 20, you'll be sent your collectible(s) after the event, within 14 days. You'll still be eligible for on-site giveaways, discounts, and promotions as long as the form has been filled out.

collectible benefits

If you're attending CONQuest, make sure you include your Ticket Ref Number in the form above to receive your additional attendee-exclusive collectible. You'll be able to show this at the AcadArena booth for the following benefits.
Access to P400,000+ of CONQuest-Exclusive Giveaways
10% Discount At AcadArena Merch Booth
A Stamp for the AcadArena Passport Experience

finding your wallet address

If you have the new version of the app, you'll be able to find your Ethereum Address directly from the Receive menu.
• Open your Coinbase Wallet App [Download Here]
• Click the Receive button on the homepage
• Search for and select Ethereum
• Tap Share Address and paste into the Signup Form


Why two collectibles?
Why an NFT?
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