Frequently asked questions


Where will Main Stage CONQuest events be streamed online?
What is CONQuest?
Where is the convention located?
Official Hashtags
What are the Festival Hours?
What are your Minor Policies?
Can we bring pets to CONQuest?
How will venue lines this year be handled?
Will there be a priority lane for PWDs and Senior Citizens?
How do I work at CONQuest?


Will there be onsite selling of tickets?
Will there be physical tickets?
Do we need to print tickets?
Where do we redeem our tickets for wristbands to enter the event? Can we pre-claim?
How will we claim our tickets obtained from CQ on the Streets Activities? When will giveaways be distributed?
I bought the wrong Day Pass. Can we exchange our Day # pass to Day # Pass?
Can I bring more than 1 person per ticket? Is it 1 ticket per venue?
Where can I buy tickets?
What’s the breakdown of tickets?
Can I exchange my 1 day pass to another day?
Is Music Night included in event access?
Who is eligible to attend Music Night?
What perks can I get from the Premium Pass?
Are tickets transferable?
What are you doing about third party sales?
What are your Refund Policies?


Will there be more guests?
What is MeetZone?
Which guests have Meet & Greet sessions?


What's the schedule?
Will the event be streamed?
What activities will be there?

Music Night

When is Music Night? What’s the duration of Music Night?
Where is Music Night?
When can I enter Music Night? What do I need to enter?
What is the queueing process? Will there be reserved numbers?
Is the Music Night seated or standing?
May I bring a camera? What are your recording policies?
What do I need for Music Night?
How do I get the extra Music Night pass?
Who do I contact for support?
I transferred my Music Night to another person, which email will receive the voucher?
Will there be a refund for those who bought a Music Night pass before the price drop?
Who else is in Music Night?


How do I become an Exhibitor or Sponsor?
How do I get a booth at QuestMarket?
How do I get a booth at IndieZone?


Location of the Quest Market?
Are Artists allowed to share tables with other artists?
Straight payment or can be staggered like Atome or Billease?
Can we request more passes for our assistants?
Is it possible to request extra chairs?
Can I resubmit the form if I made a mistake in filling it up?
Are we allowed to bring extra tables to the booth?
Is NSFW content allowed?
Will the booths be the same as last year?
Will a tablecloth be provided?
Is there a height limit for vertical decorations?
When are we expected to know if we have confirmed our slots?
Is there already a floor plan for the QuestMarket?


How will entry work for MeetZone Reserved Slot winners?
If I have two Free MeetZone physical stubs for a specific creator, can I participate twice?
Will I be allowed to bring gifts? What types of gifts are allowed?
How will the queues be organized?
Are we allowed to ask the guest/artist to sign something?
What time will Free MeetZone queueing start?
What is the cutoff time for queuing for Free MeetZones?
What is the Free MeetZone Reserved Slot, and how does it work?
How many MeetZone Reserved Slots can I enter?
How do I sign up for the MeetZone Reserved Slots?
How can I claim my Free MeetZone voucher if I win one through the MeetZone Reserved Slot?
If I buy multiple passes, can I enter the Reserved Slot more than once?
Are there other ways I can meet the talents aside from the Free MeetZone and Paid Meet & Greet?
What will be the format of the MeetZone?
Where will MeetZone activities be held?
What are the full house rules for the MeetZone?
Will there be autograph or signing allowed at the MeetZone?
What are Free MeetZones and how are they different from Paid Meet & Greet Add-Ons?
What are other ways I can experience the MeetZone if I didn't win a Reserved Slot?
If I receive a Free MeetZone voucher from someone else, can I use it for myself?

The Rose M&G

What is the scheduled time and location of The Rose’s Meet & Greet?
What is The Rose’s schedule at CONQuest 2023?
Which Passes and Add-Ons are connected to The Rose’s activities at CONQuest 2023?
If I purchased a Premium Pass or Music Night add-on, will I get any priority?
If I purchase The Rose Meet & Greet Add-On, will I get to meet all the members, or do I have to pick a specific member?
Can I still bring signs and stand outside if I did not purchase The Rose Meet & Greet Add-On?
Will I be able to bring gifts to give to The Rose?
What kind of gifts am I allowed to bring for The Rose? What are the Gift Guidelines?
Can I bring my own camera?
Can I buy two Meet & Greet Add-On passes for me to double-count myself for the Photo Op?
How will the Meet & Greet Photo Op work?

Scamily M&G

When will sales open for Scamily Meet & Greet Add-On?
Is the Scamily Meet & Greet Add-On included as part of Premium Pass?
When and where will Scamily Meet & Greet be held?
Which Scamily members will be at the Scamily Meet & Greet?
Can I bring my own camera?
What is the format for Scamily Meet & Greet?
Can I choose to meet a specific Scamily member during the Scamily Meet & Greet?
Can we bring gifts? What kind of gifts are we allowed to bring?

Shoto M&G

Is the Shoto Paid VTuber Meet & Greet Add-On included as part of Premium Pass?
When and where will the Shoto Paid VTuber Meet & Greet be held?
How will queueing work for the Shoto Paid VTuber Meet & Greet?
Will I see Shoto in person?
How will the Shoto Paid VTuber Meet & Greet be set up?
Will Shoto be able to see me?
How long does each person have for their turn?
Will I receive anything from Shoto?
Can we bring gifts?
What are the general guidelines for interacting with Shoto?
Can I take selfies with Shoto on the screen?
Is there a way I can meet Shoto for FREE?