Frequently asked questions



What is CONQuest?
Where is the convention located?
Official Hashtags
What are the Festival Hours?
What are your Minor Policies?
Can we bring pets to CONQuest?
Will there be a priority lane for PWDs and Senior Citizens?
How do I work at CONQuest?


Where can I buy tickets?
What’s the breakdown of tickets?
Can I exchange my 1 day pass to another day?
Is Music Night included in event access?
Who is eligible to attend Music Night?
What perks can I get from the Premium Pass?
Are tickets transferable?
What are you doing about third party sales?
What are your Refund Policies?


Will there be more guests?
What is MeetZone?
Which guests have Meet & Greet sessions?


What activities will be there?

Music Night

Who else is in Music Night?


How do I become an Exhibitor or Sponsor?
How do I get a booth at QuestMarket?
How do I get a booth at IndieZone?


Location of the Quest Market?
Are Artists allowed to share tables with other artists?
Straight payment or can be staggered like Atome or Billease?
Can we request more passes for our assistants?
Is it possible to request extra chairs?
Can I resubmit the form if I made a mistake in filling it up?


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The Rose M&G

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Scamily M&G

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Shoto M&G

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